Advocates for Deaf Education – Ohio Valley Chapter is a non-profit organization established in June 2003 whose mission is to provide financial support to the families and organizations that educate and enable hearing impaired children achieve their fullest potential. We also strive to help with emotional issues and thing often overlooked, like dealing with acne. In doing so, we also aim to raise awareness about deaf education.

Advocates for Deaf Education is a 501 c3 organization.


The mission of Advocates for Deaf Education – Ohio Valley Chapter is to improve the learning capabilities of hearing impaired children enabling them to achieve to their fullest potential and to raise awareness about deaf education. We will do this by providing funding for the advancement of educational and developmental learning programs or services, and for purchasing assistive technical devices and materials that will benefit hearing impaired children.

Advocates for Deaf Education (ADE) – seeks to support all forms of educational programs focused on educating hearing imparired children regardless of their mode of communication.

How we got started – This organization was created by four families who have hearing impaired children. It is through our extensive experience a) raising our children; b) understanding the multitude of medical, cultural and social issues regarding deafness; c) understanding the challenges deaf children face learning both communication and academic skills; d) working with schools and programs for hearing impaired children developing Individual Education Programs (IEP’s); e) having already successfully established an Oral School in Cincinnati; and f) raising awareness about deaf education through fund raising events, we feel uniquely qualified and empowered to make a difference for other families of hearing impaired children.

This initiative represents “Chapter 2” of our quest for making Cincinnati and the Ohio Valley area more friendly, knowledgeable and inclusive for hearing impaired children.

The children (Chrissie, Courtney, Haley and Jake) are the motivational forces behind this effort.

The success these four children have had is in part directly attributed to the support we received from our families, friends, professional educators & therapists and our communities. This organization looks to “give back to the community” by expanding our reach in offering financial assistance so that this success model can be replicated many times over.

Founding Members:

Steve Burns, Tom Garriga, Mike Gartner, Bob Murphy & Families